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Last Updated on March 6, 2023

What is Cordyceps Powder?

Cordyceps supplement powder is one of the most potent natural nootropic products that is often used for the improvement of the immune system, physical performance, and even as an aphrodisiac. . Although there are hundreds of species of Cordyceps mushrooms in the world, this product can be only be made out of two very interesting species of fungi: Cordyceps militaris (Scarlet Caterpillar Club) and Ophiocordyceps sinensis (The Caterpillar Fungus).

Ophiocordyceps sinensis (The Caterpillar Fungus) is a fungus that grows in very specific places in Tibet, Nepal, and India that must be higher than 10,000 ft with the presence of a particular insect called ghost moths. On the other hand, Cordyceps militaris (Scarlet Caterpillar Club) is a relatively common fungus that can be found in forests of Europe, the USA, and Mexico parasitizing a broad range of insect hosts.

Both of the fungi are in the scientific classification group called entomopathogenic fungi, which means that they are specialized in colonizing and parasitizing insects. Their main way of thriving in natural habitats is in a form of a mycelium that spreads into insect colonies and when there are suitable environmental conditions they try to complete their life cycle by creating fruiting bodies, finger-like mushrooms that often grow straight out of the heads of the colonized insects.

The Cordyceps mushroom powder is generally produced out of those specific finger-like fruiting bodies that can be either collected in their natural habitat or grown under artificial conditions for commercial production. Both of the fungi can be grown artificially, but Ophiocordyceps sinensis (The Caterpillar Fungus) can not be commercially produced due to economic unviability. The only possible way of commercialization of Ophiocordyceps sinensis is through the cultivation of a very potent strain called CS-4, using liquid mycelium. In opposition to the Ophiocordyceps sinensis, the Cordyceps militaris (Scarlet Caterpillar Club) can be successfully grown commercially using the mushroom fruiting body, rather than mycelium.

cordyceps mushroom

Active compounds of Cordyceps Powder

The active compounds Cordycepin and Adenosine are chiefly responsible for Cordyceps’ therapeutic effects.

  • Adenosine is a nucleoside that has a variety of roles in human biology. It’s a derivative of the nucleotide adenine and is the basis for the creation of ATP (molecules that give energy for cellular function).
  • Cordycepin affects our bodies because its structure is comparable to that of adenosine. Because many enzymes can’t tell the difference between Adenosine and Cordycepin, a range of biochemical events occur that aren’t entirely understood.
  • Cordyceps extract powder is used as a dietary supplement. It is an organic, non-GMO, and gluten-free product that is very popular among vegans and vegetarians due to its health benefits, metabolic and immunostimulatory properties.

Health Benefits of Cordyceps Powder

Cordyceps is well-known for its potential to boost endurance, strength, and general athletic performance. As a formidable aphrodisiac, it is also greatly treasured and mysterious in Chinese folklore. Aside from that, researchers suggest it may have many health benefits and may aid in the treatment of a variety of disorders. Cordyceps mushroom powder benefits can be many, especially when used with other medicinal mushroom products such as Turkey Tail, Lions Mane, Reishi, etc. Another positive thing about this kind of product, which is in form of a powder, compared to tablets and other popular medicinal supplements is that the powder can be stirred into any kind of beverage, water, and even a meal.

The nutritional data for Cordyceps powder (100 grams) is the following:

  • 500 calories
  • 10 grams of saturated fats
  • 50 grams of dietary fibers
  • 50 grams of protein
  • 260 milligrams of Calcium
  • 15 milligrams of Iron

Here are the Cordyceps mushroom powder benefits that have been researched and tested:

Cordyceps Could Help You Perform Better Physically

  • Cordyceps may help older people enhance their oxygen uptake and aerobic capability. It may also improve resistance to exercise-induced fatigue. (Yi, 2004)
  • Cordyceps supplementation may increase exercise performance and add to overall well-being in healthy elderly people. (2010, Chen)
  • Cordyceps supplementation may help you tolerate high-intensity exercise better. The study also discovered that when consumed on a regular basis over a lengthy period of time, the advantages may be enhanced. (Hirsch, 2016)

Cordyceps Could Help You Live Longer

  • Cordyceps could help you live longer. As evidence, there was scientific research in mice with d-galactose-induced senescence, fed with meals containing Ophiocordyceps sinensis (The Caterpillar Fungus). The researchers noted increased brain function, antioxidative enzyme activity, and improved sexual function. (Ji, 2009)
  • Cordyceps have anti-inflammatory characteristics that protect the mitochondria and may have anti-aging capabilities. (Li, 2010)
  • Cordyceps have strong anti-oxidant qualities and may help to boost the immune system’s health. (Xiao, 2012)
  • Cordyceps-supplemented meals resulted in significantly extended life spans in mice. (Tan, 2011)

Cordyceps May Have Anti-tumor Properties

  • When lung cancer (Bizzaro, 2015) and colon cancer (Lee, 2015) cells were treated to cordyceps extracts, anti-tumor effects were observed.
  • On cancer cell cultures, cordyceps have anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory characteristics. Human cancer cell lines such as colon (colon 205), prostate (PC-3), and hepatoma (HepG2) were used in this investigation. (Rao, 2010)
  • Tumor-bearing mice who were given cordyceps supplements lived substantially longer than mice who were not given the supplements. (Yamaguchi, 1990)

Cordyceps May Assist in the Treatment of Diabetes

  • In diabetic mice, cordyceps reduced weight loss, polydipsia, and hyperglycemia. (Lo, 2004)
  • In diabetic mice, cordyceps was found to help manage blood sugar and cholesterol levels. (Liu, 2016Yu, 2015)

Cordyceps Could Help Your Heart

  • In rats with chronic kidney illness, cordyceps helped to minimize the detrimental effects on the heart and liver. (Liu, 2014)
  • Cordyceps may protect the heart from harm by increasing the activity of adenosine receptors. (Yan, 2013)

LDL, or “Bad Cholesterol,” levels were lower in mice fed diets supplemented with Cordyceps. (Koh, 2003)


What is the difference between Cordyceps Extract and Dried Mushroom Powder?

The potency of Cordyceps extract over dry mushroom powder is one of the most significant differences. The dried mushroom powder is created by drying the mushroom’s fruiting bodies and then pulverizing them. On the other hand, water and alcohol are used in the manufacturing of Cordyceps extract in order to extract only the mushroom’s therapeutic components such as Adenosine and Cordycepin.

Both versions of the product are simple to use at home, however, the mushrooms extract is better for ingestion and more bioavailable in smaller doses. It also has longer shelf life, can mix well with a variety of therapeutic supplements.

cordyceps powder
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Cordyceps powder dosage can vary a lot and is mostly depending on which purpose are you going to use it. Generally, the proper dosing is 2 grams of Cordyceps mushroom powder per day. Although there are no reports on intoxication from an overdose, the maximum Cordyceps powder per day should not exceed the amount described above, unless it is recommended by professionals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I buy high quality Cordyceps powder?

If you are looking for the most potent and highest quality Cordyceps powder in the United States and Canada, check out our guides on where to buy the best Cordyceps powder supplements. If you are in Australia, check out our guide to Cordyceps mushrooms in Australia.

How long does it take for Cordyceps powder to work?

The effects of the Cordyceps mushroom powder can be seen after several hours from ingesting it. The effects include improved blood circulation, increased stamina, and libido, and reduced fatigue.

How do I take Cordyceps powder?

Cordyceps powder can be utilized in a variety of ways, depending on what suits you most. The powder can be mixed with warm water, added to different kinds of beverages, and even can be added while you prepare your breakfast or lunch.

How much Cordyceps powder do I add to coffee?

Add your standard amount, for example 1g to 2g, of Cordyceps powder to your daily coffee. Consuming Cordyceps powder with coffee should not exceed the recommended amount

How do I drink Cordyceps powder?

If it is infused in a cold drink, hot drink, tea, or coffee the dose should be consumed within the first hour of prepartion.

What is the best time to take Cordyceps powder?

The best time of the day to take Cordyceps powder is with the morning drinks or breakfast. Please note that taking Cordyceps Powder before training is recommended for improved energy levels and reduced fatigue or after training for post-workout recovery.

How do I maintain the shelf life of Cordyceps powder?

The powder must be kept at room temperature away from light and heat, therefore a distant cabinet in the kitchen away from the oven and fridge could be ideal. The powder must also be kept in an airtight container. Due to their low moisture content and capacity to draw moisture, the powdered form of dried mushrooms is prone to clumping. Having in mind the above-mentioned risks, the storage of Cordyceps powder will provide long shelf life. Shelf life for dried fruiting bodies of Cordyceps mushrooms is 1 year.


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